Baby, check this out, I've got something to say. Man, it's so loud in here. When they stop the drum machine and I can think again, I'll remember what it was...
- They Might Be Giants (
John Flansburgh and John Linnell)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saying Goodbye....

"Make new friends
And keep the old
One is silver
and the other, gold"
--an old Girl Scout song

So, we're getting ready to move to New Mexico. Not sure when it's gonna happen, but it's GONNA Happen. Pat and I both want it really BAD. We are WICKED excited. We know that life won't be perfect there, (water-shortage) but we're pretty sure it will be easier to take. The adventure of it, the weather, the laid-back lifestyle....and new friends. We met 'em, we like 'em, and even better, they LIKE us, they really do.....
What could be better? Well, I'll tell you what could be better--having all our old friends (and they
ARE old) move down there with us. One is planning to...what about the rest of ya? Or at the very least, come visit us often!
So, it's been on my mind to start thinking, planning and "working" on saying goodbye to the old friends as I look forward to enjoying the new friends. (Clair said we can bike along the Rio Grande-dry as it is.)
This is where I get stuck....I don't even know what to say about leaving the people I've grown to love and need here in the great white north.....It really will be hard and I'd really rather avoid the strong feelings that will come. I've spent a lot of time, driving the snowy roads, watching the ice fisherman, saying goodbye to New England....I'm SO ready for that....see how I get side-tracked? I don't know, maybe this will have to wait for another post, when I can get the words out....
All I can say now is, thank you all for being here and I will take little pieces of all of you to New Mexico with me.

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